Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vitter Delivers Bombshell Letter To Obama On NOAA/Fishing Issue

Vitter Delivers Bombshell Letter To Obama On NOAA/Fishing Issue

If the intention of the Interim Framework is to create a new government superstructure headed by the National Ocean Council at the expense of the role of the states, which have primary jurisdiction for resident fish and wildlife, I can assure you that the states, in particular the Gulf states, will have zero tolerance for and much indignation over such a gross expansion of federal authority.

I urge the administration to back away from any efforts to supersede or diminish existing federal and state laws that govern our ocean fisheries for both commercial and recreational use. The Interim Framework brazenly calls for a top-down federal approach to every aspect of ocean management, and would impact every sector and every conceivable ocean activity without input from all stakeholders.

You tell em, Senator Vitter!

United We Stand, Divided We Fall
United we Fish, Divided we Fail

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  1. Please pay attention to a dirty act that is being perpetrated. Some lawmakers that are retiring are trying to pass an organic act giving NOAA power! That's all we need Lubechencho to answer to no one.

    Read NY Times March 11.